Coliving frilingue

in the Relais de Dranse

How are we different from other Coliving hubs? We try to offer a very reasonable price for your stay with us!

40 workplaces

high-speed wifi

40 beds in 4-, 6- and 8-bed rooms

20 beds in the hotel nearby, in rooms of  2 and 4 with bath


Large living room with billiards, tabletop football, ping-pong, beamer, printer, flipcharts


Big garden

3 skiing areas: The season pass comes at only 69 francs. More info to be found: here.


The Relais de Dranse is open all year round. However, during the months of April, July, August and October, it is used for our youth language camps. During this time, we continue the co-working space at our Hotel Petit Vélan in nearby Bourg-Saint-Pierre.


4-, 6-, 8-bed rooms in the Relais de Dranse - subject to availability

or 4-, 7-bed rooms in the hotel

1 week 200 francs // 2 weeks 300 francs // 4 weeks 500 francs // additional week 100 francs

Hotel - double room with bath (for 2 people)

1 week 350 francs // 2 weeks 700 francs // 4 weeks 1000 francs // additional week 250 francs