Language Camps with fRilingue

Language Camps with friLingue

French, English or German

22nd December 2019 - 29th February 2020

5th April - 2nd May 2020

14th June - 22nd August 2020

27th September - 24th October 2020

The language camp in Vichères-Liddes (VS) is aimed at young people aged between 10 and 17 years. The language classes take place in small groups of 6 participants. Our young and dynamic teachers will make sure that you learn French or German with pleasure.

friLingue also organises language camps in other locations:


Leysin, Liddes


LeysinEstavayer, Schwarzsee


Leysin, Liddes

Language Course

  • Classes are held with young and dynamic teachers.

  • 20 lessons per week

  • Speaking and using the language are the main focus of our classes.

  • Teachers help you to work on your individual weaknesses.

We are convinced that by linking the challenges of learning a foreign language with fun and experience, language skills can improve and fluency can develop more easily. Young people can help to create each other's mutually motivating success stories and awaken more enthusiasm for the language. In addition, a cool mix of German and French speaking Swiss, as well as international students, ensures that participants will have to communicate with each other using more than their mother tongue. This camp is aimed at young people who want to learn to gain confidence while speaking, and to express themselves in a practical and authentic way.


Accommodation in 4, 6 or 8 bedded rooms in our pretty chalet, Relais de Dranse, in Liddes.


4 bedroom

1 week - 1350 CHF

2 weeks - 2150 CHF

3 weeks - 3100 CHF

6 bedroom

1 week - 1300 CHF

2 weeks - 2050 CHF

3 weeks - 2950 CHF

8 bedroom 

1 week - 1250 CHF

2 weeks - 1950 CHF

3 weeks - 2800 CHF