Hostels & Programs

With our weekly programs, you'll get the opportunity to spend an uncommon type of vacation: you'll join a community, meet and share with other guests, and, all together, you'll experience something new. All this for an affordable price, so that more people can participate.

Several weeks every year, we offer you the chance to make of you vacation an exciting adventure, to dedicate yourself to your passion or to have a break far away from your routine! And where else can you breathe such a fresh air for only 200 CHF per week? Here's the program:

Students' week

Mushroom week

FriLingue Language camps

The price of 200 CHF* corresponds to the accommodation (in a room of 4, 6 or 8 beds) in our chalet, but also to the access to all its facilities: bathrooms, kitchen, lounge (with a pool, foosball table...), sauna, as well as the terrace, garden and parking lot. During your stay, you'll cook for yourself or with other guests: just be independent and open-minded!

Looks like something that might please you? Don't hesitate to write or call us!

* this price does not apply for the Ski Hostel and the Language camps