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Liddes and the Surrounding Area

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In summer, nature attracts with numerous hiking trails, climbing and biking opportunities, scootering, paragliding and much, much more!

In winter, the ski resorts of the Pays du Saint Bernard, as well as the largest ski resort in Switzerland, Verbier 4 Vallées, invite you to tear it up on the slopes. There are also snow tours, ice skating, sledging and more.

Excursions and activities in the region: explore the surrounding villages and attractions such as VerticAlp Emosson, Laser Tag and the Aquapark; or enjoy the surroundings in canyons, on dam walls and in botanical gardens.

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Nature Reserve: Combe de l'A

The nature reserve of Combe de l'A in the municipality of Liddes forms a vast, diverse space in the middle of the region of the Great Saint Bernhard. This alpine paradise sits at altitudes 1,400 to 3,000 m above sea level. In addition to the extraordinary flora and fauna, the whole family gets to enjoy an ambience in which nature permeates itself as an eternal and timeless way of life. A variety of alpine biotopes at different altitudes provides the basis for the development and survival of many different species of animal.

The Combe de l'A is a habitat for big game such as deer, chamois, roe deer and ibex, but also for smaller mammals such as foxes, badgers and groundhogs, and in the air you can spot golden eagles, hawks and ravens.

For pedestrians, there is also a path through the reserve, where you can explore and observe the animals in the wild without disturbing them. All along the path, you'll find boards that provide you with plenty of information about the geological and botanical characteristics of the region.